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10½ Things I've Learned About Myself from Blogging

Blogging resources for beginning bloggers.

1.  I'm disorganized

Prior to blogging, I had a desk job for five years.  I had a daily routine, a schedule to follow and my days were very repetitive.  And then I became a stay-at-home-mom which eventually led to blogging in 2012.  People always ask me how or why I started blogging.  My answer to this is:

Going from a full time desk job to a SAHM had me craving paperwork, emails and adult time.  I created my blog, initially, for a way for me to feel "important" in other ways besides being a wife and mother.  I had no idea what I wanted to blog about except for the fact that I wanted to review things.
So, I started reviewing products that I already had.  Then, I began reaching out to brands introducing myself as a product review and travel blogger.  Now, three years later I know my niche(s) and can focus on what I really want to focus on which is family, travel, style and fun.

Blogger E-Courses Coming Soon

Blogger E-Courses

I am so excited for the re-launch of The Bucket List Mom. This page began as a family travel blog, but managing two blogs has proven to be difficult. I have always been asked for blogging advice from friends and readers and I thought, "what better way to share advice than to encourage women to accomplish their business bucket list."

Coming soon: